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Aidan and Jolene talk about their decisions to make an Early Exit from the drinking life, the gray area of drinking and the ongoing edits they make in their own lives.

Mar 3, 2023

Jolene and Aidan catch up after a long break in recording a podcast. Listen in as they share what they’ve been up to the past couple years and where they are focusing their attention these days.


Jan 12, 2020

Feeling zapped, exhausted and just plain tired? Alcohol may be what you are turning or have turned to in the past to unwind and get a reprieve from the demands of modern life. So, what can you do to downshift and rest without a drink?

In this episode, Jolene and Aidan discuss their personal experiences with burnout...

Jan 11, 2020

Have you been berating yourself for your drinking, either past or present? It is time to delve into the work of forgiveness and self-compassion. 

In this episode, Jolene and Aidan share how they approach thoughts of regret and shame around their drinking. Forgiveness is not that easy but powerful reframes and...

Jan 10, 2020

What happens when Jolene and Aidan have a bad day, dine at an idyllic bistro in Paris, or desire to escape tough feelings? Sometimes they feel the urge to reach for a drink - but they don’t actually follow through.

They also discuss how they manage the feeling with self-compassion, joy and confidence through the pissy...

Jan 9, 2020

Three years after giving up alcohol Aidan started having lightning thoughts about her purpose. And, as Jolene comes up on her 5th alcohol-free anniversary, she too feels deeply connected to her intuition and is able to access her inner knowing with more ease. And, as a result, their lives keep getting better and better....