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Aidan and Jolene talk about their decisions to make an Early Exit from the drinking life, the gray area of drinking and the ongoing edits they make in their own lives.

Jun 27, 2018

Aidan and Jolene look back on one year of podcasting together and talk about the things that have happened in their lives as a result. 

They both shared their bright light moments -Jolene talks about her TEDx talk that she gave in November 2017 and Aidan talks about her TODAY show appearance in April 2018.

Jolene also talked more about her online community for Former Gray Drinkers that she recently launched. This membership is for those who have made the decision to stop drinking and want to connect with others who have made the same decision. She wanted to make this as accessible as possible and offer practical content through guest expert interviews and her own virtual training classes. The content focuses on the things we care about once we stop drinking such as weight loss, hormone balance, emotional resiliency, relationships, intuition, financial wellness etc.  

To join go to Healthy Discoveries and click on “work with me” then click on Former Gray Area Drinkers Community. When you enter the coupon code “EDIT” you'll receive the first month for $1.