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Aidan and Jolene talk about their decisions to make an Early Exit from the drinking life, the gray area of drinking and the ongoing edits they make in their own lives.

May 29, 2017

Aidan talks about her "dance" between drinking and not drinking. She recently heard Elizabeth Vargas, author of Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction, speak at the She Recovers Conference. Vargas said, "when you start to drink to numb, that's something you need to pay attention to." Aidan agrees with that statement and shares her story of finally deciding to stop drinking for good. She mentions the pain of a miscarriage, how she used wine to self-medicate after the birth of her third daughter and then after the death of her father. Aidan reads her first Year Without Wine blog post, originally published in 2012, called Wine Is My Weakness. With the help of a therapist, she came to realize she may not have a capital "P" problem, but that she had a lower case "p" problem with alcohol and anxiety. She talks about the liberation she found in giving up alcohol and how this gray area of drinking is a universal, under-explored topic.



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